Friday, September 23, 2016

Welcome to the Witch Hour Reviews!

     This blog is for the people out there who like scary movie and reading movie reviews. The Witch Hour Reviews is a project that I wanna make myself do. for the last two years, I have started to actually started to watch horror and thriller movies.  I used to be completely scared of horror movie, now I like to watch these movies and I have watched almost every horror movie that has came out in theaters this summer. The one this is though I have to have someone with me when I watch horror movies lol.

     I choose this subject because I thought that this would be an awesome project to do for my senior year. Just watch movies and then talk about it after, that sounds fun! Lol.

     That you will be seeing from the Witch Hour is review of horror/ thriller movies. The prepuce for this blog is not to give away spoilers even though I might just have too because of the way the movie is set up. But this blog is of my thoughts for the movies that I will be watching. Some of my reviews may be wrong in some peoples thoughts of the movies, but i have different options the most people.

     What I am hoping to get out of this blog is a community of people who like horror movie and talking about them. I know that there is a community of people out there that love horror movies and i would like to connect that community.